The love that drives out fear

Suddenly our world has changed. The foundations of daily life we took for granted have gone. The technology in our pockets that once put us in control is powerless against a worldwide pandemic that has caused panic and fear. Isolation and uncertainty. So where is God in this?

Where He's always been. Ready to answer when we call to Him. Except we haven't. Now, of all times, we should.

Take 8 minutes to watch this. The words were spoken centuries ago, but they come with fresh impact today.

As this crisis calls us all to think again about what really matters, we invite you to open up to the God whose perfect love drives out fear. God makes Himself known to us in Jesus. How long since you read about him in one of the gospels?

Try the short Gospel of Mark. Be amazed. It doesn't matter if you're not "religious". Come with an open mind. You may never regret it!

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