Talk of the Town

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Welcome to three events this month!

Runner Beanz, our free new after-school club for youngsters age 8+, launches on Wednesday 2nd October. Prise your kids away from their screens to enjoy a fun run with friends, followed by a healthy meal and lively chat to get them thinking for themselves about life’s big questions. You can check out all the details and download the parent consent form here.

A question of the Jews: We forget the holocaust at our peril, and some who endured the horrors of the concentration camps are still alive to remind us. And yet anti-semitism is on the rise, fuelling hatred and violence at home and abroad. Sometimes Christianity is called a Western religion. Nonsense: it started in the Middle East. Its roots are Jewish. Jesus was a Jew. On Saturday 5th October we are planning a special day celebrating and examining the Jewish foundations of our faith. As well as talks and discussion there’ll be Jewish music and food to enjoy. Do join us if you’d like to find out more. For times and details of the programme click here.

Fair Trade, making sure that growers and producers in the developing world get their fair share of profit from their work, was pioneered by Gateshead-based company Traidcraft. We are running a Traidcraft stall at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday 12th October. Come and visit for fairly- traded food and craft items, tasty treats, catalogues and maybe ideas for Christmas presents!