News and prayer requests

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Sat 6th June:

Jean Kettlewell's husband Vince has been in a lot of pain and was taken into James Cook Hospital on Friday.Vince has tested negative for Covid 19 up to present, but is in a ward next door to the Covid wards. The issue seems to be an infection in his gaul bladder and he is now on antibiotics. Please pray for Vince's safety and recovery, and for Jean and all the family. Pray that through this Vince will come to know Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Fri 5th June:

Robert Kneeshaw has tested positive for Covid 19. At the moment Robert is still in the "Four Seasons" care home in Saltburn, and is feeling alright at present. Richard is hoping to be able to speak to the care home manager soon to find out more details. Please pray for Robert.

Thu 4th June:

Download the latest Christian Friends of Israel "Watchman's Prayer Letter" here.

David Soakell (CFI North East) tried to upload his latest podcast to Facebook and it was rejected because it did not meet "Facebook's standards", whatever they are. Plenty of anti-Israel material does apparently meet their standards! David is lodging a formal complaint. Pray for progress.

Wed 3rd June:

John Dolan is still searching for accommodation. Life in his current flat has become even more difficult, and a 1-bed bungalow he viewed yesterday was not suitable.

Download the June update on the persecuted church here.

Fri 15th May:

Richard has alerted us to the fact that Robert's care home has taken in residents transferred from hospital who have tested positive for Coronavirus. Please pray for protection for all in that place.

Sat 2nd May:

Richard writes:

Just dropping a line regarding Roberts well being.  The good news is that he is now settling in at Four Seasons in Saltburn, according to the staff he is getting used to them and likes them . Robert for now has 10hrs a week one to one and has other activities like table tennis, colouring, jigsaws etc while being stuck in due to the circumstances. We have been unable to visit while in lock down. He was moved a week before the lock down started and is eating OK but has some days being off his food. He now likes joining in with some social activities the only problem is when we ring to chat to him he gets upset because he thinks we are going to pick him up which is impossible at this time, he is happy to hear from us but that is often short lived due to the reason stated.

Fri 24th Apr:

Two days after it opened the Nightingale Hospital at Harrogate has closed due to lack of patients, putting Cluny's daughter Sarah out of work. Please pray for a job for her quickly. There may be possible openings at hospitals at Leeds or Skipton.

Thu 16th Apr:

John asks prayer for Catherine. He and others are trying to help her after some ill-advised pastoral counselling from a Whatsapp group has left this struggling lady with increased depression. We don't need to know the details. God knows.

Mon 13th Apr:

Sheila asks us to pray for her son Graeme. She could see when speaking online yesterday that he looked unwell, and his mood seemed low. He did not open up much to his parents, but he is concerned that the "pins and needles" sensation he has had for some weeks (and hoped would be temporary) has spread from his fingers up his arms to shoulders, and is also affecting his feet. Please pray urgently that God will continue to heal and restore Graeme, and be close to him and all the family during the isolation. It's very hard to watch your children suffer, especially when you can't put an arm round them. Sheila and Ken need our prayers too.

Elizabeth isn't sending birthday cards at the moment, but will be thinking and praying for folk on their birthdays. We are not forgotten.

Fri 10th April:

Glad to report answered prayer for Isabel, John's granddaughter. She and her parents have now recovered.

Tue 7th April:

Cluny's daughter Sarah starts work today at the new Nightingale Hospital in Harrogate. Pray for protection for her and all the staff working there.

Eddie and Jean's niece Andrea is feeling a lot better each day. Her husband, as well as Eddie, Jean and son John are all well despite having had some recent contact with Andrea.

Mon 6th April:

Eddie and Jean's niece niece Andrea who works as a nurse in James Cook has got mild symptoms of c.v.
She is isolating at home and is getting better. Pray she will soon be fit and able to return to work, and for the protection of all at James Cook and our other local NHS establishments.

Pray for the Prime Minister in hospital because his coronavirus symptoms haven't eased. For wisdom as to whether he should hand over leadership so as to rest. Pray for those caring for him, and especially for the chaplaincy team that minister to him. He has spent his life planning for power, and now he has it he faces a crisis beyond the capacity of man to resolve. Pray for an openness to God as he confronts his own vulnerability. Indeed pray that for the whole nation and world! Pray also for Keir Starmer that he will have wisdom to be an effective critical friend to the government during this national emergency.

Sun 5th April:

Sandra has drawn our attention to this Christian surgeon's heart felt call to pray for the NHS in the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Sat 4th April:

Pray for John's granddaughter Isabel who now has the virus, but her parents have recovered. Dorinda is staying with her daughters and grandchildren while Dave is "shielded". Dave is well and in good spirits, but Dorinda has conjunctivitus, courtesy of the grandchildren! Daughter Rachel is anxious about the Coronavirus situation. She has yet to fully commit her life to Jesus. Richard reports that Robert Kneeshaw is still struggling to adjust to his new care home.

Fri 3rd April:

Pray for NHS front line staff, pharmacists, health visitors and care workers going into homes to help the elderly, sick and disabled. Many still lack personal protective equipment. Sandra reports that there is concern and frustration locally that although it's reported that this equipment has been distributed it just isn't arriving where it's needed and people are being put in danger. Retail and distribution staff working hard to keep food on shop shelves also need protection, and our prayers.

Wed 1st Apr:

Please remember especially those of our church family who live alone, or in homes where no one else shares their faith.

John Dolan's daughter and her husband are recovering well now.

Pray for those having to make decisions about whether to run camps and other evangelistic events for young people this summer. Pray that these opportunities will remain open, that God will graciously shorten the days of this pandemic.

Pray about the Franklin Graham tour: after all the difficulties with venues being withdrawn we trust that Franklin will be able to come and proclaim the Gospel, even if not at the times and places originally planned ... and that by the time he comes there will be a renewed hunger and thirst for good news!

Please download and print the monthly prayer sheet for the persecuted church below. The need is greater than ever.

Wed 25th Mar:

Please remember those stuck in refugee camps after being driven from their homes by war or persecution. The virus could wipe out vast numbers of people crammed closely together with limited access to medicine or clean water. Pray for the work of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation trying to provide education, practical aid and recreational opportunities, especially for children. Also all the other aid agencies.

John Dolan reports that his daughter Heather has the virus, is recovering well, but  her husband is now ill. They are in self-isolation. Pray for them.

Fri 20th Mar:

Robert Kneeshaw has moved into care at Four Seasons. Please pray for him especially as not only does he find change difficult, the home is not able to accept any visitors.

Sandra is recovering slowly from her fall. The dressing was changed on Wednesday, and she was planning to return home today, Friday.

Tom was not successful in getting tenancy of the flat above Couplands. He and John remain in their current sub-standard flats in Pearl Street for the time being.

Stan and Jessie enjoyed a day out today (Friday) at Scarborough and Whitby, a tonic after Stan had gone through a difficult time earlier in the week. Jessie is in daily contact with Barbara Bronn and Jean Kettlewell.

Barbara has bronchitis at the moment. Andrew's trip to new Zealand has been postponed due to the coronavirus.

Thu 19th Mar:

The Archbishops of York and Canterbury have publicly called for a day of prayer on Sunday 22nd March. We should welcome this leadership, and no doubt we will all continue to pray throughout this coronavirus emergency. May I suggest we specifically pray (amongst other things) that the Lord will "shorten the days" (to borrow the phrase from Matthew 13:20), and that He will be given the glory for doing so!

David Soakell (Christian Friends of Israel) has forwarded an email from Pastor Werner Oder of Tuckton Christian Centre on the south coast of England, who writes:

"As the epicentre of Covid 19 shifted from China to Europe, we are entering a time of unprecedented challenge. Religious people have said it is God’s judgement on the nations. It is not! It is a spirit from hell that has gripped every government and most individuals living on this planet, where officials fear millions will die. While the governments do all they can to slow the spread and impact of this virus, Christians have an opportunity to ‘redeem the time because the days are evil’ (Eph.5:16). Not being able to congregate, except in small numbers, has severely interrupted Church routine, but has not and cannot stop the impact of the body of Christ one earth, because we still can pray. There is no better basis for our prayer at this time than 2. Chron.7:14: ‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land’.These Scriptures do not apply to the nations and their governments but to God’s people who are urged to turn from their wicked ways which, Jeremiah tells us, come from their hearts: ‘The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked’ (Jer.17:9), the cause of all conflict says James (4)."

Pastor Werner may or may not be right. We can weigh this, and pray!