Easter Fun Day

THURSDAY 18TH APRIL - Kids 5-11 and their families!

chocolate fountainIN THE MORNING - join the treasure hunt around town to find (and enjoy!) the chocolate fountain. Solve the clues to win prizes.

Collect a clue sheet from THE MINION and MRS INCREDIBLE, who'll be outside Sainsbury's any time between 9.30 and 10.30.

surfIN THE AFTERNOON at 2.00 - meet on the prom (Hazelgrove end) for a massive tide fight: 2 teams build sea defences on the sand. When the tide comes in team leaders stand on top: winning team is the one whose leader gets wet last!  BRING LOTS OF SPADES! Wellies advisable. Event lasts about 45 minutes. If there's a bit of rain we'll get wet ... but if the weather's really foul (wind + rain + cold) we'll call it off!


Who's this for?     Youngsters of primary school age and their family members. Young children should be accompanied by an adult.

Who's running these events?    Scripture Union with Saltburn Evangelical Church and friends from other churches.

What is Scripture Union?    It's a registered charity, a well-known Christian organisation that's been running holidays and other events for children and young people for 150 years.

Is there a catch?    No!  There's no charge for these events, and no pressure. It's just for fun ... and a taster day for a 3-day holiday club planned for August.

What about safeguarding?    Leaders and helpers are DBS cleared.

Need any more information?    Contact us HERE